Taffelpikene is a unique woodwind trio, based in Norway, who offers concerts and performances throughout Europe. The trio produces its own concerts as well as cooperating closely with other artists and composers. Over the years Taffelpikene has been working to renew the repertoire for this somewhat unusual collection of instruments, commissioning new works and performing in unexpected locations.

The members of the trio are all graduates with degrees in classical music but also branch out working in big bands, theatres and pop music in addition to the more traditional symphony orchestras and other professional classical ensembles.




Sarah is the most versatile musician in Taffelpikene. She holds a degree in classical clarinet from the University in Agder, but works with everything from chamber music to conducting wind bands, playing woodwinds in theater productions and playing the synthesiser in several pop groups.

She also does a lot of composing and arranging of music. During her years living in Kristiansand she often played with Kristiansand Symphony Orchestra.





Lynetta is an active chamber and freelance musician in Oslo. She is specialised in contemporary music and historical flutes. As well as playing in Taffelpikene, she is a founding member of the contemporary ensemble Aksiom, and the two historical quartets Biobarokk and Musica 1814.

Lynetta regularly works with ensembles like Barokkanerne and The Norwegian Wind Ensemble. She holds a master degree from The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus (DK), and additional studies from the Norwegian Academy of Music.




Ingrid is the founding member of Taffelpikene. She is originally from Sweden, but has studied at the Royal College of Music in London and at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen before settling in Oslo as a freelance musician.

Ingrid performs with most of the professional ensembles in Norway and is one of few bassoon players specialised on the contrabassoon in Norway.


Taffelpikene AS       Org.nr: 916 468 016