Nytt i Nord! is a concert series founded by Taffelpikene to increase the amount of new music written for woodwind trio. The trio commissions pieces from Norwegian composers (primarily), and has through this project been supported by Arts Council Norway, The city of Oslo and Det norske komponistfond. Taffelpikene have held concerts throughout Norway and in Sweden under the title Nytt i Nord! (News from North).

Commissioned works:

Taffelpikene, med grønne blader.jpg

De blå minuttene (2014/15) by Aleksander Waaktar (NO)

Pingvinene (2015) by Mark Candasamy (NO)

Moonshot (2016) by Daniel Kelley (USA)

Less obvious (2017) by Brede Rørstad (NO)

Three pictures (2017) by Eirik Hegdal (NO)

Sequencer (2017) by Sindre Hotvedt (NO)

Piece by Håvard Lund (NO) to be delivered spring 2019

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